Sources of Nude Art

    It used to be that if you wanted to see nude art, you had to visit a museum or a library with a good collection of art books.  Now, images are increasingly available on the Internet, and the quality is improving.  But you could still miss a lot if you don't know which artists to look for.  Here is the index of artists from Paul LeValley's Art Follows Nature: A Worldwide History of the Nude.  Most of these artists did many other nudes, as well.  The numbers are chapter numbers.  If you can't find some of these pictures on the Internet, the book can be bought through

Agesander—Laocoön  51
Aizelin, Eugene Antoine—Hagar and Ishmael  24
Alma-Tadema, Sir Lawrence—A Favorite Custom  27
Amorsolo y Cueto, Fernando—Bather  37
Anshutz, Thomas P.—Steamboat on the Ohio  56
Aoki Shigeru—Harvest of the Sea  16
Arcimboldo, Giuseppe—Autumn  44
    —Eve With the Apple  44
    —Eve's Counterpart  44
Athenodorus—Laocoön  51
Auguste, Jules-Robert—Trois Odalisques  29

Baffier, Jean—Jacques Bonhomme  53
Bailly, Joseph—First Prayer (not shown)  24
    —Paradise Lost (sometimes called The Expulsion)  24
Baldung Grien, Hans—The Seven Ages of Woman  42
    —To the Clergy: A Good Year  42
Balen, Hendrick van (See Jan Brueghel)  67
Bandinelli, Baccio—Andrea Doria  48
Banks, Thomas—Burgess Memorial  40
Barrias, Louis-Ernest—Electricity  59
    —The Oath of Spartacus  53
Bartlett, Paul Wayland—The Bear Tamer  (not shown)  34
    —Ghost Dance  34
Bartolommeo da Veneto—Young Woman  1
Baudry, Paul—Zenobia Found by the Shepherds on the Banks of the Aras River (not shown)  27
Bazile, Frederic—Summer Scene  58
Becquet, Just—Joseph Arrives in Egypt  24
Bell, John—America (not shown)  49
Bellows, George—Forty-Two Kids  56
Benton, Thomas Hart—Susanna and the Elders  24
Berger, Joseph—Cupid and Psyche  22
Bernini, Gianlorenzo—Apollo and Daphne  14
    —Faun Teased by Putti  45
Béroud, Louis—The Painter in the Medici Gallery of the Louvre, or The Joys of the Flooding  1
Beutner, Johannes—Pause During the Harvest  64
Bigaud, Wilson—Woman with Peacocks  67
Bihzad, Kemal ud-Din—The Master Spying Bathing Maidens  28
Bissen, H. Vilhelm—A Fisher-boy Angling  55
Blake, William—The Ancient of Days  24
    —The Christian Triumph (not shown)  25
    —Dante  14
    —Europe: A Prophecy  24
    —Europe Supported by Africa and America  36
    —Glad Day  52
    —The Marriage of Heaven and Hell  24, 52
Bock, Richard W.—Moon Children  58
Bodganov-Belsky, Nikolay—Tug-of-War  65
Boisseau, Emile—The Defense of the Hearth  53
Bosch, Hieronymus—The Garden of Earthly Delights  40, 67
Botticelli, Sandro—The Birth of Venus  41
    —The Calumny of Apelles  42, mentioned 52
    —Venus and Mars  21, mentioned 42
Bouchardon, Edme—The East Wind  49
    —The West Wind  49
Boucher, François—Apollo  52
    —The Bath of Diana  46
Bouguereau, William Adolphe—The Ravishment of Psyche  22
    —A Young Girl Defending Herself Against Eros  22
    —Zenobia Found by Shepherds on the Banks of the Araxes  27
Boughton, Alice M.—Sisters  61
Breker, Arno—Readiness  64
    —Young Europe  64
Bronzino, Agnio—Allegory of Love  21
    —Andrea Doria as Neptune  48
    —The Holy Family with St. Anne and the Young St. John the Baptist  25
Brown, Henry Kirk—The Choosing of the Arrow  34
    —Indian and Panther (not shown)  34
Brueghel, Jan the Elder—The Element of Air  67
Brunellschi, Filippo—Crucifix (not shown)  26
Buchser, Frank—Naked Slave with Tambourine  36
Buehman, Henry—Young Couple   33
Burne-Jones, Edward—Phyllis and Demophoön  14
Burns, Robert (painter)—Diana and her Nymphs  46
Bys, Johann Rudolph—Apollo and the Four Continents (not shown)  49

Calderon, Phillip—St. Elizabeth of Hungary's Great Act of Renunciation  39
Calvert, Edward—The Plowman  16
Canova, Antonio
    —Amor and Psyche Embracing  21
    —Hercules and Lichas  51
    —Napoleon as Mars  48, mentioned 53
    —Paolina Borghese as Venus Victorious  48
    —Prince Henryk Lubomirski as Eros  54, mentioned 48
    —Venus  44
Caravaggio, Michelangelo  45
    —Love Victorious  21
    —St. John the Baptist  9
Carpeaux, Jean Baptiste—Fisherboy with a Shell  55
    —The Four Corners of the World  49
    —Girl with a Shell  55
    —Why Was I Born a Slave?  36
Carroll, Lewis—Portrait of Beatrice Hatch  57
Casorati, Felice—The Young Ladies  62
Cassatt, Mary—Mother and Child (The Oval Mirror)  60
Castellanos, Julio—St. John's Day  32
Cayetano, Pen—The Creation of Eve  24
Cellini, Benvenuto—Ganymede  14
    —The Nymph of Fontainebleau  46
Chabas, Paul—The Bathers  65
Chapu, Henri—Triptolemus  16
Charles, Jean-François—Illustration from India Libris 2  46
Charpentier, Felix—The Bicycle  59
Chassériau, Théodore—Study of a Nude Young Fisherman Seated on a Rock  55
Chaudet, Antoine-Denis—Cupid Seducing His Love  22
Chinard, Joseph—Apollo Trampling Superstition Underfoot  52
    —Jupiter Smashing the Aristocracy (not shown)  52
Chodowiecki, Daniel—Frontispiece to The Letters of Lady M__ W__ M__e  29
Choris, Ludovik—California Indians  33
Clausen, George—Youth Sorrows (Youth Mourning)  62
Clevenger, Shobal Vail—Indian Chief  (not shown) 34
Clodion—Cupid and Psyche  21
    —The Return of the Hunter  44
Colin, Paul—Josephine Baker  62
Collier, John—Lady Godiva  38
    —The Pharaoh's Handmaidens  29
Collin, Raphael—Chloe Admires Daphnis' Beauty  16
Convers, Louis—The Four Seasons   61
Copley, John Singleton—Watson and the Shark  58
Cordier, Charles-Henri-Joseph—Young Abyssinian Woman  49
Corneille, Pierre—Cinna  50
Correggio, Antonio Allegri da—Io  9
    —Madonna del Latte  68
Courbet, Gustave  1
    —The Origin of Life (not shown)  62
    —The Sleepers  62
Coutan, Jules-Felix—Eagle Hunters  67
Cranach, Lucas the Elder—Venus and Cupid as Honey Thief  42
Curry, John Steuart—The Bathers  56, mentioned 16

Dallin, Cyrus E.—The Last Arrow  34
    —Protest (not shown)  34
Daumier, Honoré—The Republic  53
David, Jacques-Louis  52
    —Cupid and Psyche  21
    —Oath of the Tennis Court  53
    —Intervention of the Sabine Women  53
Debret, Jean-Baptiste—Botocudo Families on the March  30
    —Camacani Chieftain Preparing for a Festival  30
    —Coboclos Hunting  30
de Bry, Theodorus  30
Degas, Edgar—Studies for St. John the Baptist Preceded by a Trumpeting Angel  25
    —Young Spartan Girls Teasing the Boys  17
Delacroix, Eugène—Liberty Leading the People  53
    —Odalisque  29, 57
    —Spartan Girls Wrestling  17
Delaplanche, Eugene—Africa  49
Deltil, Jean Julien—Views of Brazil  30, 59
Delvaux, Paul—An Entrance to the City  1
Delville, Jean—Love of Souls  22
    —The School of Plato  17
Demont-Breton, Virginie—In the Blue Water  61
De Morgan, Evelyn—Dawn (Aurora Triumphans)  52
Detanger, Germain—Male Nude with Falcon  67
Dicksee, Sir Frank—Startled (not shown)  56
Dietz, Ludowick—Garden of Eden  24
Dinet, Etienne—Girls Drying Their Lingerie  29
Donatello di Niccolo di Betto Bardi  21, 41
    —David  43
Doré, Gustave—The World Destroyed by Water  24
Drolling, Michel-Martin—Title Unknown [Boy as Narcissus]
Duchamp, Marcel—Nude Descending a Staircase (not shown)  62
Dumont, Auguste—Genius of Liberty  19
Dürer, Albrecht—Adam and Eve  51
    —Nude Self-portrait  42
    —The Women's Bath  42
Duret, Francisque—Chactas Meditating at the Tomb of Atala (not shown)  34
    —Dancing Neapolitan Boy (not shown)  55
    —Fisherboy Dancing the Tarentella (not shown)  55

Eakins, Thomas—Arcadia  57
    —Salutat  1
    —The Swimming Hole  57
Eastman, Seth—Protecting the Cornfields from Vermin  16
Eckhout, Albert—Tapuya Dance  30
Eggleston, Edward Mason—The Flaming Arrow  34
El Greco  41, 44
    —Laocoön  45
Enderlin, Joseph Louis—Marble Player  55
Epstein, Jacob—W. H. Hudson Memorial  67
Ernst, Max—The Blessed Virgin Chastises the Infant Jesus before Three Witnesses  62
Etty, William  1
Euphilitos—Footrace  18

Falcone, Aniello—St. Sebastian  45
Falguière, Alexandre—Resistance  53
Fidus [Hugo Höppener]—many untitled illustrations  63
    —Fulfillment  63
    —Pentathlon Practice  17
    —Victoria Regina  63
    —Waltzer III  63
Filiger, Charles—Prayer  39
Fini, Leonor—Sphinx Amalburga  15
Fischl, Eric—The Life of Pigeons  68
    —Slumber Party (not shown)  62
    —Untitled nude beach sketch  66
Flandrin, Hippolyte—Priam's Son, Polytes, Observing the Greeks Approaching Troy  50
Florence, Hercule—Habitation of the Apiacos  30
Foley, John Henry—Asia  49
Ford, Edward Onslow—Egyptian Singer  54
    —Shelley Memorial  54
Francken, Ruth—Siège Homme  66
Franklin, Benjamin  33, 67
Fraser, James Earle—The End of the Trail (not shown)  34
Frederick II, Emperor—The Art of Hunting with Birds  58
French, Daniel Chester—Asia  49
    —Death and the Sculptor  15
French, Jared—Poetry  65
Frishmuth, Harriet—Call of the Sea  60
    —Joy of the Waters  60
    —Slavonic Dancer  60
    —Speed  59
Fuseli, Henry—Saul and the Witch of Endor  24
Fussell, Charles—Life Study (Young Art Student—Sketch of Thomas Eakins)  57

Galizzi, Selene Scuri—Expulsion from the Garden of Eden  9
Gauguin, Paul—Are You Jealous?  37
    —Tahitian Women Bathing  37
Gemito, Vincenzo—Boy with a Bow  22
    —The Fisherboy  55
    —The Little Fisherboy (not shown)  55
    —Naked When Young  55
Gentileschi, Artemisia—Susanna and the Elders  45
Gerard, François Pascal—Amor and Psyche Receiving Her First Kiss  21
Géricault, Théodore—Lion Hunt  29
Gérôme, Jean-Léon—Phryné before the Areopagus  27
    —The Snake Charmer  29
Ghiberti, Lorenzo—Sacrifice of Isaac  24
Giambologna [Giovanni da Bologna]—Mercury (not shown)  44
    —Rape of a Sabine  44
    —Triton Fountain (not shown)  50
Gill, Eric—David  43
    —Nuptials of God  62
Giorgione da Castelfranco—Sleeping Venus  41
Giotto di Bondone—St. Francis Renouncing His Patrimony  39
Giovanni di Paolo—Expulsion from Paradise  39
Giradon, François—Bath of Apollo  47
    —Nymphs Bathing (not shown)  61
Girodet-Trioson, Anne-Louis—The Entombment of Atala  34
    —Mademoiselle Lange as Danaë  67
    —The Sleep of Endymion  52
Govardhan—Five Holy Men  5
Goya, Francisco—Naked Maja  48
Greco, El  41
    —Laocoön  45
Greenough, Horatio—George Washington  48
Guerin, Pierre-Narcisse—Morpheus and Iris 52
Guillaume, Eugene—The Reaper  16

Habich, Ludwig—Siegfried with the Forest Bird  67
Harris, Mable Rollins—Child of the Sea  61
Hassan, Muhammad—Mother and Child  28
Hasselberg, Per—The Charm  54
Hawthorne, Nathaniel  48
    —The Marble Faun  60, 51
Hayes, Marvin—Lazarus  25
He Qi—Song of Solomon  41
Heerdink, Maurice—All Blessings Come from Above (not shown)  62
    —Boy by a Window  66
Hering, Elsie Ward—Boy and Frog  60
Herrán, Saturnino—Sketch for Our Gods  32
Hilz, Sepp—Peasant Venus  64
Hodler, Ferdinand—Spring  63
Hoeck, Walther—Young Germany  43
Hofmann, Ludwig von—Idyll (not shown)  16
    —Spring  16
Hoffman, Malvina—Shilluk Warrior  60, mentioned 49
Horigoro II—Tattoo  12
Horikin—Tattoo  12
Hosmer, Harriet—Sleeping Faun  60
    —Waking Faun (not shown)  60
Howitt, John Newton—That Old Swimming Hole  65
Huntington, Anna Hyatt—Torch Bearers  60
    —Young Diana  46, mentioned 61
Husain, Maqbool Fida—Saraswati  10

Imam Bakhsh—Mars and Venus  40
Ingres, Jean Auguste Dominique—Baigneuse (not shown)  29
    —The Bather (not shown)  29
    —Interior of a Harem (not shown)  29
    —Oedipus and the Sphinx  15
    —Turkish Bath  29
Inman, John O'Brien—Bathing Beauties on the Hudson  56
Ivanov, Andrei--Discus Thrower  50
Iverd, Eugene—McCall's Homemaking section illustration  65

Järnefelt, Eero—Children Playing  17
Joubert, Pierre—Mowgli Amid the Cobras  46

Kahlo, Frida—The Broken Column  32
    —My Grandparents, My Parents and I (Family Tree)  38
    —Nude Study of My Cousin Ady Webber  61
Kaleka, Ranbir—Family-II  9
Kampf, Arthur—Venus and Adonis  64
Kane, Paul—Medicine Mask Dance  33
King, Phillip—Natives Cooking Fish  37
Kipling, Lockwood—Mowgli Leaves His Jungle Friends  46
Kirchner, Ernst Ludwig—Artillerymen in the Shower  62
    —Striding into the Sea  63
Kitson, Henry Hudson—Music of the Sea  55
Klinger, Max—Crucifixion of Christ  62
Kokoschka, Oscar—Saul and David  43
Kollwitz, Kathe—Never Again War (not shown)  62
    —Sacrifice  62
    —Ye Shall Not Grind the Seed Corn (not shown)  62
Koryusai—The Bath  12
Krantz, Robert—A Fantasy of Wings  67

La Farge, John—Women Bathing in Papara River  37
La Fontaine, Jean de—The Dream of Vaux  40
Lalique, Rene—Day and Night  52
Landini, Taddeo—Tortoise Fountain  44
Lane, Artis—Release  66
Landseer, Edward—Lady Godiva’s Prayer  39
LeMoyne, Jacques 16
    —Alligator hunting in Florida  39
    —Florida Indians wading to a picnic  33
    —The King and the Queen Take a Walk  33
Lely, Sir Peter—Nell Gwyn and the Infant Duke of St. Albans 48
Leonardo da Vinci  43
    —Leda and the Swan (not shown)  67
    —Madonna Litta  67
    —Vitruvian Man  1, mentioned 52
Leoni, Leone—Emperor Charles V in Triumph Over Fury  48
Leprince, Auguste-Xavier—Lion Hunt  49
Lery, Jean de—Tupinamba Family  30
Lewis, Edmonia  60
    —Forever Free  36
    —The Marriage of Hiawatha (not shown) 34
    —Minnehaha (not shown) 34
    —The Old Indian Arrow Maker and His Daughter  34
    —The Wooing of Hiawatha (not shown)  34
Leyendecker, Joseph C.—Saturday Evening Post cover  65
Lidbury, Malcolm—David and Jonathan  43
Liebermann, Max—Samson and Delilah  24
Lindsay, Norman—Pollice Verso  37
Liu Bingjiang—Nude  12
Liu Xiaodong—In the Sunshine  12
Lohmüller, Otto—Boy Dance  17
    —Durga  66
    —Om Mani Padme Hum  66
Long, Sydney—By Tranquil Waters  37
Longman, Evelyn Beatrice—The Genius of Electricity  59
Lynes, David Platt—Actaeon  47
Lysippus—Alexander the Great  5
    —Athlete Removing His Sandals  18
    —Eros Unstringing His Bow  21
Lysippus, school of—Demetrius I of Macedon  5

MacMonnies, Frederick—Young Faun with Heron (Boy with a Heron)  67
MacNeil, Hermon Atkins—The Sun Vow  34
Magritte, Rene—The Rape  62
Maes, Nicolaes—Boys Bathing  45
Man Ray—Veiled Erotic (Meret Oppenheim)  59
Manet, Edouard—Luncheon on the Grass  62
Manfredi, Bartolomeo—Cain Murdering Abel  45
    —The Chastisement of Cupid  45
Manship, Paul—Actaeon and Diana  47
Mantegna, Andrea—Ceiling  44
    —Lamentation Over the Dead Christ  44
Marc, Franz—Shepherd  25
Marcgrave, Georg—Historia Naturalis Brasiliae  30
Masaccio—Expulsion  51
Masereel, Franz—Liberation  36
Matisse, Henri  29
McCartan, Edward—candlesticks  61
    —Diana  46
Mengs, Anton Raphael—Nude  50
Mercié, M. J. Antonin—David  43
    —Gloria Victis  53
Merritt, Anna Lea—Love Locked Out  22
Metcalf, Willard—The Bathing Place   56
Meza, Guillermo—6 P.M.  32
Michelangelo Buonarroti  34, 21
    —Creation of Adam  24
    —David  43, mentioned 41, 42, 44
    —Doni Tondo (Holy Family with St. John)  26
    —Drunkenness of Noah (not shown)  24
    —Last Judgement  51
    —Leda and the Swan (Rubens copy)  67
    —Night and Day in the Medici Chapel  52, mentioned 44, 51, 67
    —Risen Christ  25
    —Sketch of a Head (Zenobia)  27
    —Slave  36
    —Victory  36
Michelozzo di Bartolomeo—Crucifix  26
Miller, Alfred Jacob—Indian Girl Swinging   33
    —Indian Women Swimming  56
Miller, Olive Beaupré—High Priest Simon Blesses the Gymnasium in Jerusalem  19
    —Isaiah Walks Naked and Barefoot  25
Millet, Jean-François—The Goose Girl  16
Mitchell, Charles William—Hypatia  27
Mongez, Marie Josephine Angélique—Perseus and Andromeda  53
Moreau, Gustave—Salome Dancing before Herod  25
Moreau, Mathurin—Oceania  49
Morot, Aimé—The Good Samaritan  35
Moulin, Hyppolite-Alexander—A Lucky Find at Pompeii  54
Munch, Edvard—Puberty  61
Munier, Emile—The Rescue  22
Muybridge, Eadweard  57
Myron—Discus Thrower  18

Neel, Alice—Self-Portrait  66
Niankhptah, Self-Portrait with Fighting Boatmen  5

Olivier, Friedrich—Young Man Playing the Flute  50
Onesimos—Girl at Her Bath  20
Orgel, Sandy—Linen Closet  66
Orozco, José Clemente—Dartmouth frescos  32
    —Youth  32

Palmer, Erastus Dow—The White Captive  36
Papety, Dominique—The Abbe Zosimus Giving a Cloak to Saint Marie the Egyptian  27
Papow, Dustin—Aphrodite with the Erotes II  22
Parmigianino—Madonna of the Long Neck  44
Parrish, Maxfield—Daybreak  65
Payce, Greg—Morph  66
Pearlstein, Philip  66
Peinte, Henri—Orpheus Charming Cerberus  14
Pforr, Franz—Nude Studies: The Youth Xaverio  50
Pheidippos—Making Fun of the Fat Boy  19
Phillips, Joe—David and Jonathan  43
Picasso, Pablo  44
Plastov, Arcady—Tractor Drivers  16
Plauzeau, Alfred—Carried Away by Love  22
Pollaiuolo, Antonio—Adam  41
    —Battle of Ten Naked Men  41
    —Boy Leaning Against a Tree  41
    —Dancers  41
    —Hercules and Antaeus  41
    —Nude Young Man with Crossed Arms  41
    —She-Wolf (attributed additions to)  46
Polykleitos—Athlete Tying A Ribbon Around His Head  18
    —The Spearbearer  5
Polymedes—Kleobis and Biton  18
Pontormo, Jacopo da—Vertumnus and Pomona  44
Port Jackson Painter—A Woman Meeting Her Husband  37
Porta, Giacomo della—Tortoise Fountain  44
Powers, Hiram—Fisher Boy  55
    —The Greek Slave  36
    —The Last of the Tribe (not shown)  34
    Powers, Richard—Illustration for The Adventures of Tom Sawyer [not shown] 56
Praxiteles—Aphrodite of Knidos  20
    —Eros  21
    —Marble Faun  51, mentioned 60
Primaticcio, school of—ceiling at Tanlay  48
Prud'hon, Pierre-Paul—Study of a Male Nude  50
Puget, Pierre—Milo of Crotona  45

Qazwini—The Wonders of Creation  28

Raphael Sanzio  21
    —The Judgement of Paris  62
Ray, Charles—Family Romance  38
    —Huck and Jim  56
Regnaudin, Thomas—Bath of Apollo  47
Reiner von Huy—John the Baptist  26
Rembrandt van Rijn—Abduction of Ganymede  14
    —Bathsheba at Her Bath  45
Renoir, Auguste—The Bathers  61
Riefenstahl, Leni—Nuba Warrior  35
    —Olympia  64
Riemanschneider, Tilman—Adam  39
Riggs, Robert—Pool  56
Rivera, Diego—Chapel of the National Agricultural College, Chapingo  32
Rixens, Jean-Andre—The Death of Cleopatra  27
Roberts, Tom—The Sunny South  37
Robus, Hugo—Song  61
Rockwell, Norman—No Swimming  65
Rodin, Auguste  55, 60
    —Balzac  57
    —Cupid and Psyche  22
    —Saint John the Baptist  25
Rogers, Randolph—Atala and Chactas  34
Ross, Christian Meyer—In the Sculptor's Studio  1
Rossetti, Gabriel Dante—The Question  15
Rosso Fiorentino—Moses Defending the Daughters of Jethro  44
Rousseau, Henri—The Dream  52
Rubens, Peter Paul  53
    —Disembarkment of Marie de' Medici at Marseille  1
    —Leda and the Swan (copy after Michelangelo)  67
    —Rape of the Daughters of Leucippus  45
Rude, Francois—Departure of the Volunteers of 1792 (The Marseillaise)  53
    —Neapolitan Fisherboy with a Tortoise  55
Rugendas, Johann Moritz—Voyage pittoresque dans le Brésil  30, 59

Saint-Gaudens, Augustus—Diana  46
    —Hiawatha  34
Salzman, Linda—Pioneer 10 plaque  1
Santosh, Ghulam R.—Untitled  9
Sargent, John Singer—Classic and Romantic Art  54
    —Sketch of Thomas McKeller as Classic Art  54
    —Sphinx and Chimera  15
    —Study of an Egyptian Girl  29
    —Two Nude Bathers on a Warf (not shown)  29
Savage, Augusta—Green Apples  60
Scamozzi, Vincenzo—Vitruvian Man (not shown)  52
Schiele, Egon—The Family  62
    —Nude Black-Haired Girl  64
Schmaltz, Herbert—Faithful unto Death  27
Schneider, Sascha—Boy in a Blue Cloak  63
    —Greek Father and Son  17
    —Gymnasium  19
Schnorr von Carolsfeld, Julius—Life Study of a Female Nude  50
    —Young Boy with a Pipe  50
Scudder, Janet—Young Diana (not shown)  46, 60
Semmel, Joan—Intimacy-Autonomy  66
Sergel, Johan Tobias—Lovers  50
Shaler, Clarence Addison—Dawn of Day  34
Sher-Gil, Amrita—Two Girls  61
Sicard, François Léon—Oedipus and the Sphinx  15
Signorelli, Luca—The End of the World  1
    —Resurrection of the Dead  40
Sintenis, Renée—Football Player  64
Siquiros, David Álfaro—The New Democracy  32
Sleigh, Sylvia—The Turkish Bath  29
Slevogt, Max—The Victor (not shown)  60
Sohn-Rethel, Otto—Three Nude Boys Cooking a Soup  63
Sopers, Antoine—Young Neapolitan Playing at Rauglia  55
Sorolla y Bastida, Joaquin—The Horse's Bath  65
    —The White Boat  58
Soumbourou, Mamy—Diana Huntress  46
Stradling, Matthew—Omphalos  66
Strudwick, John—The Ramparts of God's House  40
Stuck, Franz von—The Kiss of the Sphinx  15
    —Sphinx  15
Sustris, Lambert—Venus and Cupid  21
Swan, John MaCallan—Orpheus  14
Swynnerton, Annie—Cupid and Psyche  22

Teichmann, Ida—The Comings  61
St. Teresa of Avila—Vida de Santa Teresa de Jesus  9
Terry, Amanda—Tribal Nude Female 2  66
Theed, William—Africa (not shown)  49
Thevet, André de—Indians Smoking and Starting a Fire  30
Thompson, Bob—Last Judgment  40
Thompson, Jerome—Indian Idyll  34
Thorak, Josef—Danzig Freedom Monument  64
Thorvaldsen, Bertil—Actaeon  47
    —Diana  47
    —Ganymede and the Eagle  14, mentioned 51
    —Shepherd  54
Tiepolo, Giovanni Battista—America  49
    —Madonna of the Goldfinch (not shown)  67
Tintoretto—Last Supper (not shown)  44
    —Susanna and the Elders (not shown)  24
Titian [Tiziano Vecelli]—Mary Magdalen  27
    —Sacred and profane Love  42, mentioned 52
    —Venus and the Organ Player (not shown)  41
    —Venus of Urbino  41
Tosini, Michele —Zenobia (not shown)  27
Tribolo, Niccolo—Ganymede  14
Tuke, Henry Scott—The Bathers  65
    —Morning Splendour  65, mentioned 56

Valadon, Suzanne—The Abandoned Doll  61
    —The Nets  25
Valois, Achille Joseph Etienne—Triumphal Entry of Vatican Artworks into Paris  51
Vanvitelli, Luigi—Diana and Actaeon  47
Vedder, Elihu—Love Ever Present  22
Venusti, Marcello—Copy of Michelangelo's Last Judgement  51
Verocchio—David  43
Vigée-Lebrun, Elisabeth—Prince Henryk Lubomirski as the Genius of Fame  48
Vigeland, Gustav—Monolith  38
Vilar, Manuel—The Tlaxcalan General Tlahuicole  20
Vincent, François-André—The Clemency of Augustus to Cinna  50
von Gloeden, Baron Wilhelm—Turkish Boys  29
von Hoesslin, Georg—Ephebe in Classic Pose  50
Vos, Maarten de—Africa  49

Wagner, John—The Gathering of Natives  49
    —Waiting  65
Walker, C.A.—Hunter Wearing Antelope Disguise   33
Ward, John Quincy Adams—The Indian Hunter (two versions)  34
Waterhouse, John—Hylas and the Nymphs  62
Wedgwood, Josiah—Hercules  51
Wenger, Suzanne—Alajere Dancing to Greet Oshun  35
West, Richard—Suffer the Little Children to Come Unto Me  26
Wintergerst, Joseph—Nude Boy (Xaverio)  50

Xu Beihong—Yü Kung Moves a Mountain  12

Yuan Yunsheng—Water Festival, Song of Life  12
Young, Edward—Night Thoughts  25

Zaman, Muhammad—Majnun Visited by His Father  28
Zerge, Owe—David at the Harp?  43
    —Wrestling Boys  17
Zhao Yixiong—The Awakening of Tarim  12
Zhao Yu—Nude  12
Ziegler, Adolf—Goddess of Art  64
Zo, Achille—The Dream of the Believer  40
Zorn, Anders—A Premiere  65

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