Professors & Researchers
Special Interest Group
of The Naturist Society

The Professors & Researchers SIG has, since 2002, archived many documents of historic interest, and compiled much bibliography on the subject of nudity.  We here make these useful tools available to other researchers.

●  History of the SIG
●  Statement of Academic Support
●  Visionary colleges
●  Campus nudist organizations
●  Scholarships for naturist students
●  Nudity-related dissertations, projects, and exams
  Campus streaking
●  Young adult naturist groups
●  The 2003 AANR Youth Camp controversy
●  Campfire songs
●  Nude swimming in high school
●  Historic beach documents
●  A pre-Naturist Society play by Lee Baxandall
●  Collected internet writings of David Goines
●  Naturist-friendly movie reviews
●  Sources of nude art
●  Marvin Frandsen’s annotated bibliography for legal defense
●  Several other bibliographies, grouped by author or subject

Be aware that HTML is incapable of hanging indents, and therefore makes a garbled mess of all bibliographies.  The best we could do here was double-space them.

If you are a naturist professor or researcher and are not already in our group, please contact

As a service to The Naturist Society, this information has been split off of Paul LeValley's website, which still contains some items of naturist interest--especially on the books pages.